In recent years the pharmaceutical industry has also evolved dramatically and the distributors need to anticipate and satisfy the changing needs of their customers much faster. Our vision is to provide a scalable, high performance integrated solution for the pharmaceutical industry to keep them one step ahead of this evolution.

Designed by people from the pharma industry with over two decades of experience in bringing excellence in all areas of pharma distribution, PharmAssist is the right solution that has been changing the way people do business.&nbspPharmAssist improves business decisions by applying a set of concepts, methods and processes and using the information in the right way. PharmAssist applies experience and assumptions to develop an accurate understanding of business dynamics. It helps your business in lowering cost and enhancing profitability.

PharmAssist helps you make your business independent of human factor. It makes your business more process dependent than human dependent. PharmAssist helps you maximize your employee productivity and make your Money work harder for you.

Key Benefits

Speed is the Name of the Game

PharmAssist comes with a complete solution, with the fastest billing, most organized and scientific stock arrangement to help faster stock removal and delivery.

Enhanced Stores operations

PharmAssist incorporates time tested systems to give you most comprehensive store management system. All the items are assigned rack numbers. When a bill gets printed, the items are arranged in the order of the rack numbers which eliminates the zig zag  movement inside the stores. It also prints the rack numbers along with the items in the bill, so that your store operators are made independent of human factor. Also it gives your stores operators more time at the end of the day so that they can refill the stocks before leaving the store.

Collection Management

The biggest strength of PharmAssist is its credit management. The right fund flow can play a key role in the growth of your business. You can set parameters to add back the discount given in the bills when a payment is delayed.  This information is given to the sales team on a day-to-day basis, through “Delivery collection statement”.

PharmAssist comes with a powerful Cheque Management system which ensures that cheques are coming on time and will put , restrictions when there is a delay in payment beyond the set dates. In case of post dated cheques, the system generates a bank slip&nbspfor all the cheques to be remitted to the bank and will also act a proof of chequedeposit. Once the cheques are passed, there is a strong Cheque reconcilliation process.

You get strong Aging Analysis reports and customer Locking Mechanism for all those customers who are not making the payment on time.

Route Management, Delivery and collection tracking

PharmAssist has the most powerful route management systems in place, which simplifies deliveries, gives you freedom from lost sign slips (Acknowledgements).

People Management

PharmAssist is designed to make your system truly independent of human factor. Since the information is centrally located and systematically stored, any body in position can take up that job.

PharmAssist offers you wonderful reports which can help you analyze employee strength and reward or find his weak points and refine them.

Third main concern is security at every level of operations. PharmAssist addresses hundreds of such security issues at billing, cash collection, deliveries, stores, customer outstanding, ordering etc, and has various measures to block these lapses.

Inventory Control

PharmAssist’s strong Auto Trigger setting facilities and strict vigil on non moving stocks, you can bring down your inventory holding to around 15-25 days of Sale value.

Apart from this PharmAssist comes with optional tools like No-stock Reporting where it records the lost orders and gives you a host of great reports on the quantum of the loss of sales,  analysis of the reasons for loss of sale, who is responsible for the loss of sale and remedies for over coming the same, without over shooting the inventory holding.

PharmAssist comes with sophisticated order management tools and you can also go for add on utilities for more comprehensive ordering.

Integrated Accounting

PharmAssist comes with complete online accounting. The moment you make an invoice or a purchase entry or a credit note etc., all relevant entries are passed online&nbspand provides you with real time accounting information instantly. This helps you manage your outstanding details well.

Streamlined Reports

PharmAssist provides a comprehensive picture of business execution, offering deeper understanding and insight, not just in to financial value drivers but also the non financial drivers that account for so much of the value in today’s business.  This results in multiple detailed views of a company’s business performance from a 360 perspective. With a clear vision across the organization, management can better understand and evaluate the impact of strategic and operational decisions.


System Requirement

PharmAssist 3.0 includes the following features and is available in two editions, PharmAssist 3.0 Enterprise Edition (EE) and Standard Edition (SE).
  • Invoicing
  • Connectivity option*with retailers
  • Accounts
  • Delivery collection statement
  • Bill wise outstanding
  • Customer route tracking
  • Rack Maintenance
  • MIS reports
  • Stock Management
  • Contest List for items
  • Sales man related sales reports
  • Performance Sheet
  • Graphical Reports
  • Reminder to Companies
  • Kiosk for company reps
  • Auto inventory level setting
  • Salesman attendance
  • Multi user / Multi window
Server(Applicable in multi user only)

Processor : P-IV and above
RAM : 1 GB and above
Hard Disk : Space 10 GB of free space and above
Display : 800x600 Resolution Color
Back-up : DVD/CD/USB Drive

Stand Alone(Client)

Processor : P-III and above
RAM : 256 MB and above
Hard Disk : 1GB of free space
Display : 800x600 Resolution Colour
Back-up : DVD/CD/USB Drive


9 pin, 136 col, 300cps Dot Matrix printer


MS 9X or above & RDBMS of our choice

Client List

  • Bela Drug Center, Maninagar, Ahmedabad
  • Bela Drug Center, Nagar Sheth no Vando, Ahmedabad
  • Bela Drug Center, Navangpura, Ahmedabad
  • Shah & Kothari Bros, Neptune Tower, Ahmedabad
  • Shah & Kothari Bros, Biscuit Gali, Ahmedabad
  • Shah & Kothari Bros, Setellite, Ahmedabad