SoftLife-R - Pharmacy Software is a unique of its kind Business Solution equipped with practically required management tools for Pharma Retail industry. Apart from familiar facilities of software it also gives professional Approach to pharma Retailing.

SoftLife-R is easy to Understand and Operate. SoftLife-R makes regular dealing easier and provides professional touch to business transactions with the use of latest technologies.  It is equipped with Vertical and Horizontal “Quick Start’ menus to perform the various dealings at same time.


Features and Benefits


This feature is principally loaded with SoftLife-R. SoftLife-R calculates and maintains relevant records for VAT.

Inventory management

SoftLife-R manages inventory issues in professional manners. Apart from alarming on the expiry dates, it keeps you up-to-date for items nearer to expiry date well in advance.&nbspSoftLife-R provides current stock position with valuation and much other relevant information on various points to manage your inventory issues.

Effective Purchase

SoftLife-R can get better control over your purchase, as it is integrated with inventory module; it prepares item wise performance report which makes you to easily separate out moving and non-moving items.  SoftLife-R also provides Prize Comparison, Scheme Availability & Calculation while re- ordering, and helps keeping optimum stocks.

Speedy Sales

SoftLife-R has powerful billing module, reduces delivery time and secures sales. It has also an advanced system of maintaining medical requirements of regular customers.

F.A.S (Financial Accounting System)

A superior FAS element is loaded with SoftLife-R. It keeps you all time fresh from financial concerns. It prepares relevant ledgers, registers, reports and gives all necessary information on time.

Business Relationships Management System

This module is uniquely available with SoftLife-R. It creates, maintains and expands Business Relationships with Customers, Doctors Suppliers, and Representatives.

Corporate Information Management System

SoftLife-R understands your corporate Information Requirements. It generates Corporate Information Reports automatically, which helps to analyze your corporate world in terms of sales contribution,  Doctor performance, Manufacturer Performance and much more. The analytical reports are generated in both tabular and graphical manners.


SoftLife-R is equipped with internal security provisions like multiple User ID and password, which makes it reliable. It also, generates back-up files and maintains database to avoid data loss.

System Requirement

Server(Applicable in multi user only)

Processor : P-IV and above
RAM : 512 MB and above
Hard Disk : 20 GB and above
Display : 800x600 Resolution Color
Back-up : DVD/CD/USB Drive

Stand Alone(Client)

Processor : P-III and above
RAM : 256 MB and above
Hard Disk : 20 GB and above
Display : 800x600 Resolution Colour
Back-up : DVD/CD/USB Drive


Dot-Matrix / Laser / Inkjet


MS 9X and above

Client List

  • Ambica Medical Stores, Gandhinagar
  • Arbuda Medical Stores, Gandhinagar
  • Gita Medical Stores, Gandhinagar
  • Gopi Medical Stores, Gandhinagar
  • Janta Medical Stores, Gandhinagar
  • Krishna Chemist, Gandhinagar
  • Krishna Medical Stores, Gandhinagar
  • Natraj Medical Stores, Maninagar, Ahmedabad
  • Natraj Medical Stores, Settellite, Ahmedabad
  • Om Medical Stores, Gandhinagar
  • Omkar Chemist, Gandhinagar
  • P. Manubhai Medical Stores, Gandhinagar
  • Rotary Medical and Research Center, Kalol
  • Rotary Medical Stores, Kalol
  • Shyam Medical Stores, Gandhinagar & Many More. . . .